About Me

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Just a daytime dreamer...

I am what you can call a dreamer, an idealist, someone who never stops believing in the impossible, and in finding new ways of achieving that goal.

I believe we can all make things everyday to make this world a better place, even with rather small acts. I firmly believe this should be in everybody's bucket list: leave the world better than how we found it. Also, I'm positive I can do it myself, but I can encourage others to do so, too. The idea is to never stop striving for a better world, for ourselves and for everyone around us!


So what can you expect?

A little bit of everything, would be the safest answer. I am driven by music, stories, making the world a better place for everyone; so basically you can expect a little bit of each of those in my blog.

Think of this place as one for you to escape reality, learn something new, or simply finding a new reason to smile. This is all about a positive thinking, inclusion, respect, diversity, and peace.

However, above all, I exhort each and every one of you to always be the best version of yourselves: BE YOU!


Who am I?

I'm just a simple guy. I am a Computer Science Engineer, and have been a Novelist since I was thirteen years old. I love making new friends, meeting people from all around the world, and sharing everything I can with people surrounding me!

I am INFP, but very curious. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic. A boy from a small island, but with huge expectations.