Essay Writing 101

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you are all doing great! Today, I’ll be kicking off a series of entries talking about essays. There’s a lot to talk about them: trust me, but I will strive to cover all the sub-topics as accurate as possible, always hoping they become helpful for you. So, what’s an essay? […]

Sentence Complexity

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I’m dedicating the initial entries of Tips Tuesday for redaction tips in general, which will help you when writing essays, reports, introduction and conclusions for your papers, and maybe even your thesis! This entry in particular will be focused in sentence developing. Imagine you are going to write an essay for your Academic Writing class […]

Parallel Structure

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Ok, so today I’d like to explore a little bit about a topic that is probably unknown (at least by name), but becomes really important when writing, not only storytelling, but pretty much anything. I’d say it can help you even structuring sentences better when talking. This topic goes by the name of Parallel Structure. […]