Tales Thursday II – Re:Creators

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my second Tales Thursday entry! I know I don’t do this one very often, but this one is worth it, trust me.

I always try to have good or relevant stories to share here, so today, I have one coming all the way from Japan. It may seem a little early for me to share this, since the anime has been ongoing since April, and the manga since February. However, with only 4 episodes on the anime, I know this is a really interesting one, especially if you are an storyteller, like me! It is called Re:Creators, and it is written by Daiki Kase. It tells the story of a boy named Sota, who finds himself involved with a series of characters from fictional worlds appearing in the real world.

It is really interesting for me because of the depth of their characters and the concept. When we storytellers create a world and characters inside of it, we probably don’t even think of how those characters perceive their own world. Furthermore, we don’t think of what will they think, as ‘living characters’ of their own world, of whoever created them and their worlds. There is a lot of mystic, I think, behind the idea of those characters feeling something towards their creators, since we often fell something similar, too. Also, there are some other ideas part of the plot that are really amusing and well thought so far, that I’d rather not explain, so that I don’t spoil anything very important.

Very little has happened so far, but I’m pretty sure it will be an enjoyable journey. Go check it out! It is being streamed through Amazon video.

Let me know if you have read manga or watched anime before. I am not like a super huge fan, but I have seen several myself. And trust me, there are plenty of masterpieces there, so give them a try if you haven’t already. I wish you have a great day, and see you on the next one!

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